Half Marathon Victory

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that I enjoy doing half-marathons and am almost always training for one. On Sunday, October 2nd, 2011 I completed my 3rd half marathon. I had a small personal victory. I didn’t get my best time ever, but I was able to jog almost all of it. Usually I jog 8-9 miles of it and walk the rest, this time I jogged 12.5 of the 13.1 mile journey. There was this rough downhill part of the course that I wasn’t expecting and I had to stop and walk it for half a mile. So close to jogging it all but still a definite personal victory for me. I also lost 4 pounds but that usually comes back after a few days after the races, it’s all water. Next up is a 10K(6.1 miles) on October 16th and then a 5K (3.1 miles) on the 29th. My next half-marathon isn’t until April 2012 but I start training for it in January. I’m already excited, I love half-marathons! Cold weather is no excuse to not get out and be active by the way, get out and do something!

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Heart Rate Discovery

Call me silly, but I wanted to be down about 20 pounds from where I am now by Halloween. That’s not going to happen, but it was what I was going for at the start of summer. I STILL haven’t lost much weight since my last posting, maybe half a pound so my goal is still the same. The good news is that after talking to my trainer and him assessing my heart rate we found out the problem. Apparently since my body is so used to training for my races and half marathons, it’s learned to adapt and make my heart rate slower even when I do things that would make a normal heart beat fast. My trainer said this is why I can jog 5-8 miles 4 times a week and not break out in a major sweat until mile 4. His answer was to intensify my workouts. I felt like I was going to be crawling out of the gym after he got through with me, but now I know that I need to intensify my workouts and check my heart rate often. He was putting me through his “army hopeful” workout and my heart rate was trying to stick at a 110-120. With him working me harder and faster we got it up to 140 which he was satisfied with. The boyfriend thinks my trainer works me too hard, but I’m not paying the trainer to go easy on me or baby me. I want this weight to go away BAD, I want to get toned, I want to be as healthy as I can and my trainer is highly sought after. New week coming up, but I’m not really changing my goal. I do think I’m going to try to eat a little better this week…we have caramel apple candy corn in the house and I’ve been answering it’s calls to me and it’s starting to give me a bit of a bigger tummy pooch. Have a lovely week, eat healthy, be active, and catch you later.

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Boyfriend or Gym?

I know I haven’t blogged in awhile, shame on me. Even if I didn’t want to discuss weight loss progress I could still let people out there know not to give up on me, right? I’ve been slacking, very badly.
I know there isn’t an excuse for my blog slacking, plus I like blogging, but life has been getting in the way. My job cut my pay tremendously which makes it hard to even get necessities, my dog is going to be put down soon (for her health related problems, not for monetary reasons), and the boyfriend has been giving me lectures about losing too much weight. Ah yes, I haven’t mentioned him yet have I? He’s been a major hurdle to jump over recently. He’s a nice guy and all, but our views on health and weight loss are so completely opposite. He’s one of those “life is short, so eat whatever and be fat and happy” and I’m more like “you eat food to live and fuel your body, not for fun.” I’ve had him since April just in case you’re curious, but he didn’t start out this bad.
I started out 30 pounds heavier when we first met and dated, and now that I’m getting more skinny (he likes big women), he keeps saying I should stop going to the gym and that I should eat more and have more candy and whatnot. He’s even playfully threatened to tie me to the bed and force feed me ice cream. At first I thought him telling me I was too skinny was sweet, but now I’m getting sick of it. I swear and promise I need to drop more weight and that I’m not a size 6 girl wishing to get to a size 2. I would be perfectly happy with a size 12 honestly. The boyfriend is getting to the point where he makes fun of me for what I eat or for my exercise and it’s starting to hurt a little. I’ve told him I don’t like it and it hurts, but then he does the whole “I love you and I’m just looking out for you. I like you just how you are” speech. I’m a bad girlfriend, I admit it. I haven’t said I love you to him yet and I’m not even planning things for the future. I cancel hanging out with him if I haven’t gone to the gym on that day and when we go out to eat and he orders bacon cheddar potato skins and wants to share, I only have 1. When he wants me to sample his dinner of steak smothered in some fatty sauce, I scrape off the sauce and have a small forkful of steak. He has no desire to ever try my fruits or veggies. If something is slightly healthy he curls up his nose at it. I don’t want to call him a problem, but he’s a definite hurdle.
So boyfriend, job insecurity, losing a pet, family health issues, Labor Day celebrating, and possibly no housing have left me with a ton on my plate. Amazing that I haven’t gained or lost anything isn’t it? I’m hoping to change that very soon. I’ve been “cheating” on the boyfriend and doing my gym workouts when he doesn’t know. I say I’m working later at work or I’m taking a brief nap or something along those lines. It’s like I’m cheating Boyfriend with Gym.
I swear and promise to post something next week, fingers crossed it will be something good to report such as getting down to my last goal!

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Here I am, back again.

This week has been awful for me. Not awful like those struck by poverty, homelessness, or other severe cases. Just awful as in work and exercise not going according to my plan. It’s Thursday night, and I’m exhausted. I should be at the gym working off this nasty belly fat, but I’m being lenient and allowing myself to rest today. I shouldn’t though. I ate really bad yesterday and today. I’m really craving cheese for some reason so like yesterday for dinner I went to Applebee’s and got their chips with that cheese dip stuff. I literally drank the cheese mixture out of the dish and didn’t touch the chips. I don’t know why I did it and I feel disgusting telling everyone I did, but maybe that will help me not do it again. Today I started out good. I had a nice, healthy breakfast with fruit and veggies. I spoiled it by snacking and shoving cheese in my mouth. You know those icky American cheese slices? Not even name brand, as in the no-name, odd-colored, waxy cheese slices? Yeah, I went through 2 packages of those for lunch. My dinner was 6 Babybel cheese circles and a whole container of their tomato basil cheese wedges. Nothing accompanied these except for a glass of apple juice. I’m getting naughty and I don’t like it. If I don’t knock it off I will bloat and gain 10 pounds of water weight overnight like I have in the past. Maybe I secretly think that I’m so close to the finish line that I can afford to trip a little? I hope not, I need to get this journey back on track. 60 more pounds and I will be healthy. What’s 60 pounds when you’ve lost 150? I know I can do this, Maybe I need to focus on why I want to do this so I can think of something when I grab random stuff, like a package of cheese slices(Really Manda? Of all the nice things you have to eat at home, you go to the store and BUY cheese slices? Really? How nasty are we getting?).
Here are some reasons I need to keep on losing weight and belly fat specifically:
1. Avoid/prevent familial and general diseases and bad stuff that happens from having belly fat.
2. Be a happy and healthy girl!
3. Wear those cute shirts I got on sale for $3 from Walmart.
4. Be able to give blood.
5. Improve my jogging by not having jiggly belly fat.
Do you have reasons that you think of to lose weight and/or keep it off? I have oodles of pages in my journal with reasons, but I’d love to hear yours. Wish me luck, back on track I go!

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New week, same goal.

I didn’t do so hot this week. The weight didn’t come off very easily. I lost some, but for the past 4 days it’s been staying exactly the same. I’m not going into panic mode yet, but instead of making a new goal I’m going to stick with my previous one and let the weight have more time to come off. I’m not going to push my exercise and risk injury, and I’m not a fan of starving oneself either. I am meeting with my trainer tonight and usually the morning after I lose a pound or so. I’m not worried, I hope/pray that my body is just adjusting to a new weight. I will give an update within the next few days and if need be I will set a different goal in the middle of the week. No rule that says I have to stick to the beginning of the week for goal setting, right? Didn’t think so 🙂

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Can I make it this week?

This morning, I checked the scale to get an update on my progress. I’m 2 pounds away from my goal for Monday. The problem is that I ate a ton today, which is my habit on Fridays. It’s the evening and I really want to workout, but I’m so sore. Yesterday I did my 5 mile jog and added in some arm exercises in between laps with weights, plus I also met with my trainer in the evening and he put me through 30 minutes of necessary torture. Now my butt is sore and so are my inner thighs, I didn’t even know my butt had muscles in it until I woke up this morning. I consider today a wash and rest/recover day since I didn’t eat the best and didn’t exercise at all. I do plan on getting up at a decent time tomorrow and doing a nice jog and maybe some weight lifting with my arms. I won’t push it but my trainer said the more lean muscle I build the better my metabolism will be and the more I will burn off. I need some muscle, I’m starting to get that unattractive loose skin in random places. Let’s see, so 2 pounds by Monday morning. I think if I behave and get my act together again I can probably do it. I also went out today and bought some “motivation” aka a new shirt one size smaller than I wear now. I know you’re not supposed to do that, but it was so cute and on sale for $3. It has Minnie and Mickey kissing on it, how cute is that?!? I’m not going to keep it out, because knowing myself I will get tired of seeing it everyday and the motivational powers will fade. I put it in the front of my closet though. This way I know it’s there but that I’m not allowed to touch it until I lose about 10 more pounds. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this! Cheer me on!

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New Week, new goal

Last week the goal was to get my BMI down to 32.0 by today. It’s been a week and I’m happy to say that my BMI is now down to…31.8! I have exceeded my goal! Very exciting and motivating to see the number on the scale move downward. That means I get to set a new goal this week. I’m thinking that losing 5 pounds would be a nice goal. The BMI would go from 31.8 to 30.8. I think that’s a doable goal, especially since I’m fully recovered from my weeks of sickness and I’m able to get back into my jogging.
This past week I wasn’t able to meet with my trainer because he was sick and I also got a bit lax on my jogging. I was jogging 5 miles instead of 7. Apparently my body was okay with this. I also started adding in new things to my food intake. I’m using agave nectar instead of sweetener or honey for my drinks, I’m switching to spinach for salads instead of regular iceberg lettuce, and I switch up my fruits each week to keep my body interested. Why these changes? I get newsletters from Dr. Oz, and he talked about the agave nectar, I read an article that spinach should be used in place of all salads because it has more nutrients than iceberg lettuce, and the change in fruits is because it’s summer and there are so many yummy things in season that I think my body was getting tired of me force feeding it 3-5 apples a day.
Friday was hard eating wise. Fridays and Sundays are the days when I fail usually. Fridays I guess I fail because it’s the last day of work and I’m excited for the weekend I suppose. I don’t go out and party or anything, I’m usually at home with a book, but my mind and body are just screaming at me for food. I did “treat” myself on Friday though so my body thought it was getting something amazing. I went to the Schnuck’s salad bar and made my own healthy salad. I put in things that I don’t have on hand at home to make it special such as onions and banana peppers. I also sprinkled some olives on it and even put a couple pieces of pineapple on top. I was able to behave on Friday knowing that if I did, I could have that luscious salad. You might be curious as to why Sundays are hard. Almost every Sunday my family gets together for a big family dinner. We are talking aunts and uncles, grandpa and grandpa, cousins, etc. We also have big meals on Sundays that are home cooked and very fattening. My family isn’t on board with being healthy, so they eat what they want and use the worst ingredients possible. Grandma also gets insulted or hurt feelings if you don’t go back for seconds and don’t even think about skipping dessert. This week however, Sunday family dinner didn’t happen because people were sick and/or had plans. I love my family, don’t get my wrong, but it’s a dieter’s nightmare.
Anyway, back to this week. BMI will go down to 30.8, I will exercise properly and take my necessary day of rest (Sunday) as well as work hard when I see my trainer Wednesday and Thursday. I will eat healthy and take care of my body. Wish me luck!

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