New Week, new goal

Last week the goal was to get my BMI down to 32.0 by today. It’s been a week and I’m happy to say that my BMI is now down to…31.8! I have exceeded my goal! Very exciting and motivating to see the number on the scale move downward. That means I get to set a new goal this week. I’m thinking that losing 5 pounds would be a nice goal. The BMI would go from 31.8 to 30.8. I think that’s a doable goal, especially since I’m fully recovered from my weeks of sickness and I’m able to get back into my jogging.
This past week I wasn’t able to meet with my trainer because he was sick and I also got a bit lax on my jogging. I was jogging 5 miles instead of 7. Apparently my body was okay with this. I also started adding in new things to my food intake. I’m using agave nectar instead of sweetener or honey for my drinks, I’m switching to spinach for salads instead of regular iceberg lettuce, and I switch up my fruits each week to keep my body interested. Why these changes? I get newsletters from Dr. Oz, and he talked about the agave nectar, I read an article that spinach should be used in place of all salads because it has more nutrients than iceberg lettuce, and the change in fruits is because it’s summer and there are so many yummy things in season that I think my body was getting tired of me force feeding it 3-5 apples a day.
Friday was hard eating wise. Fridays and Sundays are the days when I fail usually. Fridays I guess I fail because it’s the last day of work and I’m excited for the weekend I suppose. I don’t go out and party or anything, I’m usually at home with a book, but my mind and body are just screaming at me for food. I did “treat” myself on Friday though so my body thought it was getting something amazing. I went to the Schnuck’s salad bar and made my own healthy salad. I put in things that I don’t have on hand at home to make it special such as onions and banana peppers. I also sprinkled some olives on it and even put a couple pieces of pineapple on top. I was able to behave on Friday knowing that if I did, I could have that luscious salad. You might be curious as to why Sundays are hard. Almost every Sunday my family gets together for a big family dinner. We are talking aunts and uncles, grandpa and grandpa, cousins, etc. We also have big meals on Sundays that are home cooked and very fattening. My family isn’t on board with being healthy, so they eat what they want and use the worst ingredients possible. Grandma also gets insulted or hurt feelings if you don’t go back for seconds and don’t even think about skipping dessert. This week however, Sunday family dinner didn’t happen because people were sick and/or had plans. I love my family, don’t get my wrong, but it’s a dieter’s nightmare.
Anyway, back to this week. BMI will go down to 30.8, I will exercise properly and take my necessary day of rest (Sunday) as well as work hard when I see my trainer Wednesday and Thursday. I will eat healthy and take care of my body. Wish me luck!

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