Halloween Costume 2010 Poll

I’ve been excited about Halloween this year for months. I’ve had my costume picked out for almost as long. It’s such an awesome costume, it’s Sleeping Beauty, my favorite Disney Princess. Yes it’s an adult costume and yes it’s slutty, but that’s what Halloween is for… I’m not going trick-or-treating so the chances of children seeing me are slim. I was modeling it for some friends the other day and they all liked it but one of them gave me a new idea. Yes, Sleeping Beauty is my favorite, but how about I go for a Belle look since I already have curly brown hair. I wouldn’t have to wear an itchy wig like I have to for Sleeping Beauty. Hmm, sounds interesting, and Belle is one of those smart princesses, so I’d have no problem pretending to be her. I went searching and sure enough, there is an equally slutty, adult costume for Belle. I went ahead and bought Belle as well. It came today and fits just as awesome, so now I need help. I have 2 costumes to wear for Halloween, but I only have one body. Which one do you like?

Aurora/Sleeping Beauty

Belle/Beauty and the Beast

Which one should I be? Tell me! Vote!

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3 Responses to Halloween Costume 2010 Poll

  1. diana says:

    Where did you get the belle costume?? and it depends on your look

  2. Stephanie says:

    Love both of these, especially the Belle one. Would you be interested in selling either of them? If so email me the approximate sizes & price requested.. I’d love to get my hands on one of these for Halloween but can’t afford the retail price. 😦 Thanks for your feedback! Cute blog btw!
    ~Stephanie W~

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