The Alarmist

Have you ever known someone who blows everything way out of proportion? Someone who exaggerates something so much that you end up getting worried and worked up over nothing? Those lovely people are what I refer to as Alarmists. They cause you unnecessary alarm and worry for things that usually turn out to be nothing.
In my life, the biggest Alarmist I know is my loving mother. My grandmother(her mother) comes in at a close second. These 2 work as a tag team of sorts, one brings up the idea and the other feeds on it and makes it worse. I love them both dearly, but good lord sometimes they get me worried and scared over nothing!
The most recent situation was when I gained 30 pounds of water weight in less than 2 days. My grandmother said it was probably my kidneys failing, and mother was right there with her, saying it might also be my liver quitting on me. My mother is a nurse, someone medical, so that only makes things worse because I like to think she knows what she’s talking about. She then asked me 20 questions about my urination frequency, food habits, alcohol intake, and even made sure I wasn’t pregnant…I don’t know how I could go from normal to 9 months pregnant in less than 2 days, but whatever. I went to the doctor and everything was normal, she just told me to monitor my foods more and to back off on my water intake some. The weight gradually came off in the matter of a week. Not a big deal, no need to alarm me and make me lose sleep thinking that a vital organ is failing.
Other examples? A birthmark that is on my rear that has been irritating me. My mother insisted that when I was little I didn’t have one there and so therefore it must be cancerous. I still am trying to figure out how she remembers what my rear looked like 27 years ago. I told her I would have it looked at when I went back to the dermatologist in 2 months. Grandma chimed in that I must not be afraid of death since I’m not willing to get my cancerous birthmark checked out that very day. Also, the birthmarks on my face have gotten darker over time, which is apparently also something that can be cancerous, so I need to have those looked at too…I’m just death walking aren’t I? Cancer, liver/kidneys failing, it’s amazing I function on most days. Thank goodness I have alarmists in my life to make sure I know how close to death I am, can’t have me thinking I’m healthy.
This traits looks to be passed down, and it’s one I’m hoping I won’t inherit. How depressing would it be to constantly deliver bad news to your loved ones? Not to mention the fact that the alarmists are usually wrong and/or don’t have the full story most of the time. If you care about your family, friends, and most of humanity, curb your alarmist ways. Save your alarmist traits for those people you don’t care much for, those special people who really deserve it 🙂

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