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My smile for today

Ever have one of those days where for whatever reason, you’re not your usual self? I don’t have them very often, but when I do I need a little something to make me smile. My favorite person to aggravate online … Continue reading

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Driving Lessons

In the fall, my younger sister will be entering into college and the family couldn’t be more proud. There is one minor issue with this though. My sister doesn’t have her driver’s license. Her campus is about 20 minutes away … Continue reading

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Ding Dong

On Friday, I got a new cuckoo clock. It’s stunning and plays Westminster chimes, absolutely beautiful. The only problem with the clock is that it happens to be the same tune as my doorbell. The clock is a little more … Continue reading

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Simple Things

Have you ever met someone who was great to talk to and be acquainted with, but the second they start talking relationships they go crazy? They specify things they are wanting and the list goes on and on and you … Continue reading

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Last week, I did a job for someone and they explained they would pay me this week for it. I was fine with this, I’m not in desperate need for money and I enjoy doing freelance/side jobs for my clients … Continue reading

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In a previous post I had stated that I had been taking a break from dating since November to work on self-improvement. The original plan was to wait until August. Why August you might be thinking. First of all it … Continue reading

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New Rules?

(My first blog ever, be nice!) So this weekend, my current favorite person to aggravate is on vacation out of state(VA I think it is). This left me to find other entertainment, so off I went to Craigslist. As odd … Continue reading

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