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AARP and me

I have known about the existence of AARP for quite some time now, they have been sending my grandparents and parents information since before I can remember. Whenever a pamphlet would come for my mother, I would playfully tease her … Continue reading

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Confession: I write the WORST emails

Some people have a knack for good writing. Essays, stories, poems, blogs, you get the idea. They probably also write wonderful emails to people. I am not one of these talented people. I’ve written countless (okay, 47) letters to men … Continue reading

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Passionate Calorie Burning

So today I was looking up ways to burn calories besides my usual running and elliptical machine and stumbled upon some interesting ways to burn calories. Passionate kissing for example would burn about 100 calories an hour. How fun would … Continue reading

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The Ex-Snorer

So I’m restricted to my home today(Chiropractor’s orders) and I was watching TV. This commercial came on for something called Pure Sleep ( and this commercial had snoring sounds in the background. The snoring reminded me of an ex and … Continue reading

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My smile for today

Ever have one of those days where for whatever reason, you’re not your usual self? I don’t have them very often, but when I do I need a little something to make me smile. My favorite person to aggravate online … Continue reading

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