Heart Rate Discovery

Call me silly, but I wanted to be down about 20 pounds from where I am now by Halloween. That’s not going to happen, but it was what I was going for at the start of summer. I STILL haven’t lost much weight since my last posting, maybe half a pound so my goal is still the same. The good news is that after talking to my trainer and him assessing my heart rate we found out the problem. Apparently since my body is so used to training for my races and half marathons, it’s learned to adapt and make my heart rate slower even when I do things that would make a normal heart beat fast. My trainer said this is why I can jog 5-8 miles 4 times a week and not break out in a major sweat until mile 4. His answer was to intensify my workouts. I felt like I was going to be crawling out of the gym after he got through with me, but now I know that I need to intensify my workouts and check my heart rate often. He was putting me through his “army hopeful” workout and my heart rate was trying to stick at a 110-120. With him working me harder and faster we got it up to 140 which he was satisfied with. The boyfriend thinks my trainer works me too hard, but I’m not paying the trainer to go easy on me or baby me. I want this weight to go away BAD, I want to get toned, I want to be as healthy as I can and my trainer is highly sought after. New week coming up, but I’m not really changing my goal. I do think I’m going to try to eat a little better this week…we have caramel apple candy corn in the house and I’ve been answering it’s calls to me and it’s starting to give me a bit of a bigger tummy pooch. Have a lovely week, eat healthy, be active, and catch you later.

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