Here I am, back again.

This week has been awful for me. Not awful like those struck by poverty, homelessness, or other severe cases. Just awful as in work and exercise not going according to my plan. It’s Thursday night, and I’m exhausted. I should be at the gym working off this nasty belly fat, but I’m being lenient and allowing myself to rest today. I shouldn’t though. I ate really bad yesterday and today. I’m really craving cheese for some reason so like yesterday for dinner I went to Applebee’s and got their chips with that cheese dip stuff. I literally drank the cheese mixture out of the dish and didn’t touch the chips. I don’t know why I did it and I feel disgusting telling everyone I did, but maybe that will help me not do it again. Today I started out good. I had a nice, healthy breakfast with fruit and veggies. I spoiled it by snacking and shoving cheese in my mouth. You know those icky American cheese slices? Not even name brand, as in the no-name, odd-colored, waxy cheese slices? Yeah, I went through 2 packages of those for lunch. My dinner was 6 Babybel cheese circles and a whole container of their tomato basil cheese wedges. Nothing accompanied these except for a glass of apple juice. I’m getting naughty and I don’t like it. If I don’t knock it off I will bloat and gain 10 pounds of water weight overnight like I have in the past. Maybe I secretly think that I’m so close to the finish line that I can afford to trip a little? I hope not, I need to get this journey back on track. 60 more pounds and I will be healthy. What’s 60 pounds when you’ve lost 150? I know I can do this, Maybe I need to focus on why I want to do this so I can think of something when I grab random stuff, like a package of cheese slices(Really Manda? Of all the nice things you have to eat at home, you go to the store and BUY cheese slices? Really? How nasty are we getting?).
Here are some reasons I need to keep on losing weight and belly fat specifically:
1. Avoid/prevent familial and general diseases and bad stuff that happens from having belly fat.
2. Be a happy and healthy girl!
3. Wear those cute shirts I got on sale for $3 from Walmart.
4. Be able to give blood.
5. Improve my jogging by not having jiggly belly fat.
Do you have reasons that you think of to lose weight and/or keep it off? I have oodles of pages in my journal with reasons, but I’d love to hear yours. Wish me luck, back on track I go!

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