My past couple days, update.

Just a little update on my progress. I was a very naughty American and pigged out on the 4th of July, but I was up bright and early on the 5th putting myself through a workout at the gym. My gym has these awesome machines, it’s like a combination stairstepper and elliptical. It burns a ton of calories and has these little TVs so you can kinda veg out. I was on that baby for an hour and torched 915 calories. I ate pretty good on Tuesday as well, boosted up my fruits and veggie intake to hopefully help cancel out the junk I had on the 4th. I’m sure that’s not how it works, but I can dream right? I also had a date on Tuesday night, we went to Lone Star. It was tempting, but I did eat good. I had a chicken salad while my date decided to have those bacon cheese fries. You know those things smothered in cheese and bacon and that makes you gain like 5 pounds to your rear just my smelling them? Yeah, he had those. But that’s okay, I’m proud of myself for eating good.
So today is the 6th and I again ate healthy. I went to lunch at Pasta House with my mother, sister and some friends of the family. Since I can’t have rolls or bread really, it made it easy. It was lunch, so I just had a salad and stole some bacon from my sister’s plate. I also went to the gym this evening and burned around 1800 calories. I was feeling really good so I stayed up there a bit longer working out than I expected. I will probably do a weigh-in tomorrow morning, the curiosity is killing me! Is it possible to eat a little naughty and still lose weight/lower your BMI?

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