Can I make it this week?

This morning, I checked the scale to get an update on my progress. I’m 2 pounds away from my goal for Monday. The problem is that I ate a ton today, which is my habit on Fridays. It’s the evening and I really want to workout, but I’m so sore. Yesterday I did my 5 mile jog and added in some arm exercises in between laps with weights, plus I also met with my trainer in the evening and he put me through 30 minutes of necessary torture. Now my butt is sore and so are my inner thighs, I didn’t even know my butt had muscles in it until I woke up this morning. I consider today a wash and rest/recover day since I didn’t eat the best and didn’t exercise at all. I do plan on getting up at a decent time tomorrow and doing a nice jog and maybe some weight lifting with my arms. I won’t push it but my trainer said the more lean muscle I build the better my metabolism will be and the more I will burn off. I need some muscle, I’m starting to get that unattractive loose skin in random places. Let’s see, so 2 pounds by Monday morning. I think if I behave and get my act together again I can probably do it. I also went out today and bought some “motivation” aka a new shirt one size smaller than I wear now. I know you’re not supposed to do that, but it was so cute and on sale for $3. It has Minnie and Mickey kissing on it, how cute is that?!? I’m not going to keep it out, because knowing myself I will get tired of seeing it everyday and the motivational powers will fade. I put it in the front of my closet though. This way I know it’s there but that I’m not allowed to touch it until I lose about 10 more pounds. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this! Cheer me on!

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