My past couple days, update.

Just a little update on my progress. I was a very naughty American and pigged out on the 4th of July, but I was up bright and early on the 5th putting myself through a workout at the gym. My gym has these awesome machines, it’s like a combination stairstepper and elliptical. It burns a ton of calories and has these little TVs so you can kinda veg out. I was on that baby for an hour and torched 915 calories. I ate pretty good on Tuesday as well, boosted up my fruits and veggie intake to hopefully help cancel out the junk I had on the 4th. I’m sure that’s not how it works, but I can dream right? I also had a date on Tuesday night, we went to Lone Star. It was tempting, but I did eat good. I had a chicken salad while my date decided to have those bacon cheese fries. You know those things smothered in cheese and bacon and that makes you gain like 5 pounds to your rear just my smelling them? Yeah, he had those. But that’s okay, I’m proud of myself for eating good.
So today is the 6th and I again ate healthy. I went to lunch at Pasta House with my mother, sister and some friends of the family. Since I can’t have rolls or bread really, it made it easy. It was lunch, so I just had a salad and stole some bacon from my sister’s plate. I also went to the gym this evening and burned around 1800 calories. I was feeling really good so I stayed up there a bit longer working out than I expected. I will probably do a weigh-in tomorrow morning, the curiosity is killing me! Is it possible to eat a little naughty and still lose weight/lower your BMI?

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Getting back in the weight loss game.

I haven’t blogged in months, but now things have changed. I’m not going to say things are getting better, but changed is a good word. I want to start blogging on a more regular basis, not so people can read it, but more because I enjoy it and I need somewhere to put my thoughts.
For the past year and a half, I’ve been losing weight. I went from weighing over 320 pounds down to around 200 pounds. This is good, I won’t say it isn’t, but my weight loss is stopping and I’m getting frustrated. My body isn’t losing the 5 pounds or more a week like I was used to. I’m not giving up, I will lose the last 60 pounds. My problem is that I have no one to talk to about “health stuff” and nutrition. My family isn’t very healthy and most of them don’t want to hear about things my inner fitness nut has to say. I have been fighting this weight loss battle alone and will continue to do so. I usually track my progress on my calendar, but I want to bring it to the web and send it into cyberspace to make me more accountable for my eating and exercise. Good thing I already had this blog, I’m going to turn it into a temporary weight loss tracker for all the world to see. It feels a bit awkward posting my weight on the net, so I will probably do my BMI or waist measurement to track my progress. In reality, I weigh daily because I’m such a control freak and don’t like being surprised in any way, shape or form. I workout 6 days a week, have a personal trainer 2 times a week, and eat mostly healthy. That’s nothing mind blowing, I’m just mentioning that in case someone is curious how often I exercise and so people know it’s not strictly me changing my food intake.
Today I jogged and walked a total of 6 miles at the gym, yay for me. I’m recovering from a nasty respiratory thing and when I try to jog more than about half a mile I get coughing fits. That’s no excuse not to exercise though. My BMI today is 33.4, not cool. This puts me into the Obesity range, anything 30 or higher. I’m not the trainwreck I used to be, but I still have that chunky middle. People don’t stare at me at the stores or make cow noises like they did when I was much heavier, but I still feel like the fat on me has worn out it’s welcome.
I’m debating about setting mini goals and then trying to achieve them. Mini goals were never my thing, I always liked the big picture. I think this week I will set a mini goal. Let’s say for this week, my goal will be to get my BMI from 33.4 to 32.0. Is that in the realm of possibilities? Yes, as long as I eat healthy and get back onto my exercise routine. I should be able to get back on track since I’m feeling much better after my sickness. I should also mention that I don’t do anything extreme. I eat 3 meals a day and 2 snacks, I don’t barf up anything, take diet pills, or starve myself. I’m a curvy girl and a former fat girl, there is no way I’m going to deliberately deprive myself of food.
One week, one week to make my BMI go down 1.4 points through proper diet and exercise. Any words of wisdom? Weight loss or exercise tips you’ve learned in your life?

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The Alarmist

Have you ever known someone who blows everything way out of proportion? Someone who exaggerates something so much that you end up getting worried and worked up over nothing? Those lovely people are what I refer to as Alarmists. They cause you unnecessary alarm and worry for things that usually turn out to be nothing.
In my life, the biggest Alarmist I know is my loving mother. My grandmother(her mother) comes in at a close second. These 2 work as a tag team of sorts, one brings up the idea and the other feeds on it and makes it worse. I love them both dearly, but good lord sometimes they get me worried and scared over nothing!
The most recent situation was when I gained 30 pounds of water weight in less than 2 days. My grandmother said it was probably my kidneys failing, and mother was right there with her, saying it might also be my liver quitting on me. My mother is a nurse, someone medical, so that only makes things worse because I like to think she knows what she’s talking about. She then asked me 20 questions about my urination frequency, food habits, alcohol intake, and even made sure I wasn’t pregnant…I don’t know how I could go from normal to 9 months pregnant in less than 2 days, but whatever. I went to the doctor and everything was normal, she just told me to monitor my foods more and to back off on my water intake some. The weight gradually came off in the matter of a week. Not a big deal, no need to alarm me and make me lose sleep thinking that a vital organ is failing.
Other examples? A birthmark that is on my rear that has been irritating me. My mother insisted that when I was little I didn’t have one there and so therefore it must be cancerous. I still am trying to figure out how she remembers what my rear looked like 27 years ago. I told her I would have it looked at when I went back to the dermatologist in 2 months. Grandma chimed in that I must not be afraid of death since I’m not willing to get my cancerous birthmark checked out that very day. Also, the birthmarks on my face have gotten darker over time, which is apparently also something that can be cancerous, so I need to have those looked at too…I’m just death walking aren’t I? Cancer, liver/kidneys failing, it’s amazing I function on most days. Thank goodness I have alarmists in my life to make sure I know how close to death I am, can’t have me thinking I’m healthy.
This traits looks to be passed down, and it’s one I’m hoping I won’t inherit. How depressing would it be to constantly deliver bad news to your loved ones? Not to mention the fact that the alarmists are usually wrong and/or don’t have the full story most of the time. If you care about your family, friends, and most of humanity, curb your alarmist ways. Save your alarmist traits for those people you don’t care much for, those special people who really deserve it 🙂

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The scent of the gym

Sometimes I notice really weird things. Lucky you, you get to read about it. Tonight when I came home from the gym and flopped down on my bed for a few minutes before taking my shower, I noticed the cat come running from the other room to jump upon my bed with me. She rubbed against my sweaty forehead, started purring and then set up camp on my stomach. She rubs my sweaty t-shirt and sprawls out on me. I wondered what would possess the cat to want to snuggle with me when I smell like the gym.Then my mind wandered to yesterday. She did the same thing yesterday, and the day before that. Come to think of it, she’s making this snuggling with me thing a daily routine when I get back from the gym. She still snuggles with me when I’m clean, but she only actually lays on my stomach and camps out if I’m a sweaty mess. Any thoughts on this? Does she like my extremely gross smell? Is she just expressing her support for me working out, or is she turned on by my nasty gym body odor? Any ideas about this? Does your cat get off on your scent? Did you find an article about this?

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Missed Connections are scary things.

Sometimes I’m in need of entertainment and Resident Evil 5 or reading my latest book just doesn’t do it for me like usual. I come up with creative ways of entertaining myself, one of them being going onto Craigslist and browsing the personals and missed connections sections. Usually I chuckle or verbally talk to the posts, but this time it was different. I was the subject of a Missed Connections post.
The guy who is looking for me put down the shirt I wore, talked about my hair, told me my table’s location in relation to his, he talked about my voice and smile, and even described the gentleman I was on a date with. He also mentioned it was at Pujols in Westport and even had down the time.

If a cute otter had sent me a missed connection, I might not have been so spooked. I'm practically going into recluse mode, hiding out in my home with the blinds closed.

I was creeped out, scared, and strangely flattered all at the same time. I once posted a missed connections ad for someone, it didn’t go over well and now that there is one for me I can see why. I flagged the post and got it removed. Yes I know I’m a mean person, but it’s creepy and I really, REALLY hate surprises. This counts as a “I’m about to soil my panties because I feel watched” surprise. It might not be so creepy if it was someone younger (this guy is mid-50s, not my thing to go that old) and maybe someone who didn’t talk about how my shirt looked over my body.
Have you ever been the subject of a missed connection on Craigslist? Did it creep the crap out of you too? Have you ever had a successful meetup that originally started with a missed connections post? I’m getting goosebumps still! That is so creepy! I mean it takes a lot to freak me out since I’m a weirdo, but this really has my Scare-o-meter going.

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Ugly partner, higher stress level.

Since I had the day off today and didn’t know what to do with myself, I went news archive browsing. I came across an interesting article about a study done with birds. You are welcome to read the article here.
The study basically found that the female birds had elevated levels of corticosterone when paired with a bird of a different color head than herself. The researcher the said that the same idea could be plausible in humans as well. Not literally meaning that we are drawn to someone with the same hair color, but that we have to find the potential mate pleasing to the eyes in some way.
I feel bad for men and women who get picked on when they say they want someone attractive. When I was younger I used to think these people were horrible and only looking to date someone for looks. As I’ve gotten older I realized I am the same way. Sure the personality has to be there too, but if I’m not attracted to a guy for whatever reason then I’m not going to waste my time getting to know his personality. I’m not after Brad Pitt or anything(I actually think he’s ugly) but I know what physical characteristics I like and don’t like. Does it make me shallow? No, not according to the article. Plus, would you rather be considered shallow but happy with your mate, or not shallow but stressed beyond belief due to your butt-ugly significant other? I say you keep your stress and let me be shallow and happy with someone my being finds attractive. There’s someone for everyone, even the ugly people you’re not attracted to will find their person, no hard feelings.

Sidenote: Ever since I’ve started this blog, I’ve been beating myself up trying find a suitable name for it. I hate it being called “My Blog” because obviously it’s mine. I didn’t expect it to be without a title for this long and now it’s really getting to me. I want the title to be relevant but I don’t want it to be so specific that I accidentally force myself to only write about one topic like dating or weight loss or something. I thought about calling it “The Ramblings of a 20 something psycho”, or “Because I wrote it that way”, but I’m not always a crazy person. I have moments in the day and at night when I’m sleeping that I’m a normal person 🙂 I guess I’ll figure out a better working title eventually, it’s just something on my thinking to-do list. Any suggestions or ideas would be good, I could use someone to bat ideas around with.

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Jogger vs. Step Class

This evening I decided to try something new at my gym, it was called Total Conditioning. The reasons I decided to try it were because 1) it was free, 2) it was an hour and 15 minutes so it would surely have me sweating, and 3) it didn’t sound like one of those classes where you have to be coordinated. I’m one of the least coordinated people in the world, more on that in a second.
I walked into the class and saw these raised platforms all around the room. Apparently “total conditioning” is another way of saying “Step Class.” I have never taken a step class because they sounded silly, just up and down on a step, how retarded. I was already there, so I decided to stay for the class and then just do weightlifting and an elliptical machine later. The wussy music came on and the class started.

When my feet and body are around, this becomes a deadly weapon.

After about 15 minutes into the class, my rear was handed to me on a silver platter. There was some just step up and step down parts, but then there were other parts…evil parts…parts that are not good for uncoordinated people. I couldn’t do some of the moves and the leader was going way too fast and I didn’t clap and turn when I should and at one point I resorted to doing the Hokey Pokey. I even messed up on a high kick part. I accidentally punted my stepping platform off of it’s 2 blocks. It went rolling and flying across the floor, taking down the leader and scaring 5 people around me. I felt so bad and I turned so red! Had I known this class required coordination and grace I wouldn’t have done it. Joggers can’t be steppers apparently, at least not this jogger.

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