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Words of the road

I was driving a friend and myself out to dinner the other night, and a fairly frequent occurrence happened: Someone casually drifted into my lane, slowly without a signal. Not a big deal to most, but I like manners, especially … Continue reading

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You must have been a beautiful baby

I got this comment from a single father today, “You must have been a beautiful baby and gotten better with age, like a fine wine.” I laughed it off and secretly wondered where I could find enough cheese to go … Continue reading

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Bad Habit: Biting my bottom lip

I know you’re not supposed to talk bad about yourself, but since everyone has habits I thought that sharing some of mine on an occasional basis might be fun. Maybe we’ll have something in common 🙂 One of my bad … Continue reading

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Happiness: Texts

Even though I’m not a fan of surprises, I absolutely love getting texts from people. Every time my phone vibrates my pocket to let me know I have a new text, my heart skips a beat. I get excited to … Continue reading

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Happiness: Dancing in an empty home

I’m usually not a dancer, in public that is. The only dancing I do in public is the electric slide and the boot-scootin’ boogie line dance, even then it’s only at weddings, and only if the bride or groom gives … Continue reading

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Halloween Costume 2010 Poll

I’ve been excited about Halloween this year for months. I’ve had my costume picked out for almost as long. It’s such an awesome costume, it’s Sleeping Beauty, my favorite Disney Princess. Yes it’s an adult costume and yes it’s slutty, … Continue reading

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Happiness: Evening Movies

I really enjoy seeing movies in theaters alone. I have no idea why, I’ve just always liked it. Movies are okay for dates and going with friends as well, but sometimes I just want to grab a ticket to something … Continue reading

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