Nyquil is so versatile

Apologies for not blogging anything in awhile, I’ve been sick and today I finally feel mostly well. I credit my wellness to a couple key players…Robitussin cough and cold liquid, Amoxicillin, and Cepacol sore throat cough suppressants. There is one other member whom needs to be thanked. He had gotten me through the roughest days and nights of my hacking cough and icky nose. His name is Nyquil, he’s beautiful. He went along with whatever I needed. Those times when I mixed him with Robitussin and then chased him with 2 Tylenol, the times when I drank him straight from the bottle for just a little sleepy time, the days when I was off of work and needed something to help me feel better, he was there. I love you Nyquil, you’ve never failed me.
Nyquil is so versatile, I knew it worked wonders for me when I was sick, and today I went searching online to see if other people love it as much as me.I was thrilled! There are websites devoted to Nyquil and even recipes featuring it. I’ve learned how to make 5 drinks featuring it, none of which are my signature Robitussin and Nyquil recipe. I was ultra excited when I saw that people have used Nyquil in Brownies, Molten Lava Cake, and even Cookies. Oh man, cookies, yum. Lots of cookie recipes. There was even a place that used to make Nyquil Doughnuts apparently. I don’t know if I would ever experiment like these people did, but in the event that I did I would try the cherry flavor instead of the mint. I’m not a mint person.
Nyquil, I love you. You’re a beautiful concoction that man has created with me in mind. I will never choose anyone else for my sickness needs. There’s a version of you for any ailment I could possibly get. Thank you for being so versatile, for being there for me, and for always loving me no matter how ugly and sick I am. You rock my socks, Nyquil.

HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE!! I’m looking forward to my 2011, how about you?

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