Pet Peeve: Lying

You ever wonder why people lie? Nobody really gains anything from it, and usually it hurts someone in the end. Fibbing is different, fibbing is what you do when you’re throwing someone a surprise party and tell them you can’t hang out with them for dinner because you’re busy. Fibs don’t count here, this is for lying only.
Why would someone want to deliberately hurt another person emotionally like that? If you want to hurt someone, at least slap them. It’s direct, gets the point across that there’s something wrong and you’re not happy, and it’s out in the open so you can’t be accused of hiding something from them. It hurts less than a lie, which can take months to heal sometimes.
I hate lying, it’s one of those things that gets under my skin VERY quickly. I strive to never lie to anyone, no matter how much I may or may not like them. I don’t associate with people who have a track record of lying to me. Be honest, be open, save everyone some time and future pain. I would rather someone be blunt and honest than to act sweet and lie to me. Don’t “spare” me the pain, I’m not glass, I don’t break, and no matter how much you may wish I’d cry over you it won’t happen. Liars don’t go far in my book and therefore don’t deserve many tears, if any at all.
Be truthful, forthcoming, open always and you’ll have my respect for life.

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