A word to the guys

I consider myself a frequent female user of an online dating site and I know there’s a lot of you single men on there. I’m sure you’re all wonderful, but the way you portray yourselves on there sometimes creeps me out and makes me remove your profile from my results. I’m a normal, average, everyday female so I like to think that the following words of wisdom will help you all find someone perfect for you.
1. Pictures of you flashing a “gangsta” symbol/handsign and pouting your lips aren’t attractive. When you tell people you’re 23-35 and then you have a picture like that, it says you’re a very immature 23-35 year old.
2. Sad faces. Why are you sad? If you’re looking for a relationship, you should be filled with joy about what the future holds! Stop looking at me like someone just kicked a puppy, it brings me down and makes me not even want to read your profile because I’m thinking you’re a depressing person. I’m usually a happy, upbeat person, but I can’t supply all the happy for both of us all the time.
3. Use “proper” English. If I feel like I’m reading a text message or talking to someone who uses slang that I’m not familiar with, I’m going to automatically assume that carries over to your intelligence as well. IM shure u r all gr8, but 4real yo, use dem dere gud english on yo profiles, fo shizzle mah nizzle.
4. Keep the pictures G-PG. I’m thrilled that you are comfortable enough with your body to show me the close up, underwear bulge and/or the shirt yanked open and hand down your jeans. It’s very attractive for men in those CK undies ads. There’s bad things about you doing it in your profile pictures though. I’m not the only one seeing it, which signals to me that you may not be fully serious about wanting ONE woman only. The picture would be a nice treat if we were dating and you gave it to me as a V-day gift or something, but not for your profile. Another reason to keep those pictures for another time? Imagination! Your bulge leaves little to my imagination, you showing me your chest is the same. Why show it and then have my imagination stop? My imagination can go SOOOOO many places if you’d just let it. Show me a picture of you in regular jeans and a t-shirt, and I can guarantee you my mind will be imagining what’s under there, no need to take away the element of surprise.
5. Your username. I admit, mine isn’t the greatest but some of yours really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If your username sounds trashy, disgusting, degrading to me, against anything that I see as an issue, then I’m not likely to keep your profile on my saved search. Some examples of “no-no” names are:
and so on, you get the idea right? It’s fin if you’re against something I like or vice versa, but don’t advertise that with your username. If you don’t like pets or God for example, then you specify that in your profile. If your intentions are sexual that’s fine, just say it in your profile, not your username. Do you really think I’m going to jump at the chance to be with someone who has the username “HotNReady4U”, which is being advertised to hundreds of other females besides myself, over someone who is named Jake41382? Yes, it’s more basic, but it makes me wonder if his first name or last name could be Jake, is Jake his full name or a nickname, and what do the numbers mean? Are they random or maybe his birthdate? Maybe a zipcode? I don’t know, but he makes me more interested then someone soliciting something sexual. Unless they are comparing themselves to an oven or a microwave, but I highly doubt anyone’s mind thinks that, and especially not if that’s your username.

Well, I think 5 points is enough for now, I’ll update this as I find more. If you could all be peaches and fix your profiles then it would make my searching so much easier. Thanks a bunch, love to you all!

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