Hidden Talent: Excuses

You read the title right, I have a talent for finding excuses for myself. It’s not because I’m lazy or don’t like being helpful, it’s not even because I don’t like being productive. If it’s something I’m uncomfortable with, that’s when the excuses come out. For clarification, my excuses aren’t lies, they are true, valid things that are on my to-do list. Usually they are lower down on the list, but they fly up to the top when I need an excuse. When I make an excuse, at least I fulfill it and do what I say I’m going to do.
How is this a talent? I can get out of almost anything that makes me uncomfortable. Are my friends wanting to me to go to the strip club in IL with them to “check out the meat”? Oops, I’m not available tonight, I have to go in to work and sanitize all the toys in the nursery. That creepy 52 year old from match who emails me borderline pervish comments on a weekly basis wants to meet me? Wow, this is a busy week for me! Aside from work, exercise class with my mother, Sunday family gathering, church, and hanging out with my cousin and his wife like I’ve been promising, I also have to do laundry, clean out my closet, switch over my holiday/seasonal decorations, and find time to workout at the gym. Not to mention I’m also jogging a 5K Saturday morning and I’m usually tired afterward. Excuses, excuses, you want them, I have them.
I’m also really good at trying to find excuses for other people. If I want to hang out with someone, I try to help them re-arrange their priorities. They have paperwork to bring home and do that evening? That’s okay! We can meet up for a short time so they can go home and do it, or they could bring it with them, or even better they could have me over and I could cook for us while they do their work.
I’m not very proud of this hidden talent, it makes me sound conniving and sneaky, which I’m neither. Anyone else see this as a hidden talent of theirs? Fess up! 😛
***Side Note*** Today (9/13) is National Celiac Awareness Day here in the USA. Curious as to why and what it means? Click Here

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