The scent of the gym

Sometimes I notice really weird things. Lucky you, you get to read about it. Tonight when I came home from the gym and flopped down on my bed for a few minutes before taking my shower, I noticed the cat come running from the other room to jump upon my bed with me. She rubbed against my sweaty forehead, started purring and then set up camp on my stomach. She rubs my sweaty t-shirt and sprawls out on me. I wondered what would possess the cat to want to snuggle with me when I smell like the gym.Then my mind wandered to yesterday. She did the same thing yesterday, and the day before that. Come to think of it, she’s making this snuggling with me thing a daily routine when I get back from the gym. She still snuggles with me when I’m clean, but she only actually lays on my stomach and camps out if I’m a sweaty mess. Any thoughts on this? Does she like my extremely gross smell? Is she just expressing her support for me working out, or is she turned on by my nasty gym body odor? Any ideas about this? Does your cat get off on your scent? Did you find an article about this?

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