Missed Connections are scary things.

Sometimes I’m in need of entertainment and Resident Evil 5 or reading my latest book just doesn’t do it for me like usual. I come up with creative ways of entertaining myself, one of them being going onto Craigslist and browsing the personals and missed connections sections. Usually I chuckle or verbally talk to the posts, but this time it was different. I was the subject of a Missed Connections post.
The guy who is looking for me put down the shirt I wore, talked about my hair, told me my table’s location in relation to his, he talked about my voice and smile, and even described the gentleman I was on a date with. He also mentioned it was at Pujols in Westport and even had down the time.

If a cute otter had sent me a missed connection, I might not have been so spooked. I'm practically going into recluse mode, hiding out in my home with the blinds closed.

I was creeped out, scared, and strangely flattered all at the same time. I once posted a missed connections ad for someone, it didn’t go over well and now that there is one for me I can see why. I flagged the post and got it removed. Yes I know I’m a mean person, but it’s creepy and I really, REALLY hate surprises. This counts as a “I’m about to soil my panties because I feel watched” surprise. It might not be so creepy if it was someone younger (this guy is mid-50s, not my thing to go that old) and maybe someone who didn’t talk about how my shirt looked over my body.
Have you ever been the subject of a missed connection on Craigslist? Did it creep the crap out of you too? Have you ever had a successful meetup that originally started with a missed connections post? I’m getting goosebumps still! That is so creepy! I mean it takes a lot to freak me out since I’m a weirdo, but this really has my Scare-o-meter going.

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