Ugly partner, higher stress level.

Since I had the day off today and didn’t know what to do with myself, I went news archive browsing. I came across an interesting article about a study done with birds. You are welcome to read the article here.
The study basically found that the female birds had elevated levels of corticosterone when paired with a bird of a different color head than herself. The researcher the said that the same idea could be plausible in humans as well. Not literally meaning that we are drawn to someone with the same hair color, but that we have to find the potential mate pleasing to the eyes in some way.
I feel bad for men and women who get picked on when they say they want someone attractive. When I was younger I used to think these people were horrible and only looking to date someone for looks. As I’ve gotten older I realized I am the same way. Sure the personality has to be there too, but if I’m not attracted to a guy for whatever reason then I’m not going to waste my time getting to know his personality. I’m not after Brad Pitt or anything(I actually think he’s ugly) but I know what physical characteristics I like and don’t like. Does it make me shallow? No, not according to the article. Plus, would you rather be considered shallow but happy with your mate, or not shallow but stressed beyond belief due to your butt-ugly significant other? I say you keep your stress and let me be shallow and happy with someone my being finds attractive. There’s someone for everyone, even the ugly people you’re not attracted to will find their person, no hard feelings.

Sidenote: Ever since I’ve started this blog, I’ve been beating myself up trying find a suitable name for it. I hate it being called “My Blog” because obviously it’s mine. I didn’t expect it to be without a title for this long and now it’s really getting to me. I want the title to be relevant but I don’t want it to be so specific that I accidentally force myself to only write about one topic like dating or weight loss or something. I thought about calling it “The Ramblings of a 20 something psycho”, or “Because I wrote it that way”, but I’m not always a crazy person. I have moments in the day and at night when I’m sleeping that I’m a normal person đŸ™‚ I guess I’ll figure out a better working title eventually, it’s just something on my thinking to-do list. Any suggestions or ideas would be good, I could use someone to bat ideas around with.

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