Dinner with the sibling

Every weekend, my sister and I like to go out for dinner. Today was that day for us. These days are always special to me, they usually result in fun, conversation, and lots of laughs. This time was no exception.
The cat started things off for us (not Gypsy, she’s the good cat). Before we even left the house, Lexie was acting crazy. I accidentally stumbled over her because she was trying to rub against my leg when I was walking. I went stumbling and cursing, my sister laughed, and the cat ran like there was no tomorrow. About 2 minutes later as my sister and I were heading out the door, Lexie did the same thing to Sister, making her stumble. The only difference was she scolded Lexie as she went running.
We actually made it out the door and to the restaurant without any sprained ankles. Impressive I know.

Can you believe my sister didn't want me to try to start one of these in the restaurant?

As we were having our dessert, that Black Eyed Peas song came on, the one about how tonight’s gonna be a good night. I threatened to get up right there and dance and see if I could start a dance party. Sister said no and that I should grow up. I still tried to push the dancing idea, I even said I could dance around the tables and people, nope. She wasn’t having it at all. Sisters are such party-poopers sometimes. I guess she had a minor point, I was full from dinner, I would be belching if I had tried to dance so soon. I like to think she was looking out for my possible tummy troubles had I done it, as opposed to just her being embarrassed. She’s not quite as bubbly/crazy as me, which is probably a good thing.
Back home we went, and Lexie was there to greet us. Wouldn’t you know it? Lexie tripped Sister and made her go stumbling again! I laughed, the cat ran, and Sister yelled at the cat. Craziness. It’s simple times like these when I don’t mind being single. Just goes to show you that with good family/friends in your life, sometimes that’s all you need to be happy in life.

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