Pet Peeve: Improper Text Introductions

Let me run a scenario by you. You’re having a nice evening at a party, a bar, etc. and you meet some new people. Numbers or business cards are exchanged. Throughout the evening let’s say you’ve collected about 7 numbers from potential new friends, dates, and fellow people who work in your career field.
The weekend comes and goes and eventually you hit the middle of the week. All of a sudden you receive a text on your phone, “Hey! It’s Me!”…Oh crap. Your mind races as you try to think of all the people you met recently. You are kicking yourself for leaving the business cards on your desk and not adding the numbers into your phone. It’s too late, Me wants to text with you now.

I feel like this guy when I get texts from "Me". Shocked, confused, lost, and even a bit irritated. (I know it's an iStockphoto and that it has an X through it, don't send me emails telling me. I didn't feel like buying it for a one time use.)

I can’t stand this. When I text someone new, the first thing I do is say “Hey it’s (my name) from _____.” Then I ask whatever it is I need to know. You get charged per text, not per letter, so for the love of peanut butter just text out your whole name. Sometimes I don’t even respond to the “Me”s who contact me, depending on if I felt excited about anyone I recently met. If it’s a guy then more often than not, I’m no longer interested. I don’t want to catch his stupidity, it’s contagious 😛 The poor guy forgot his name and has to resort to calling himself Me, not a good sign. This is not acceptable, everyone is a “me”, don’t use it when contacting people you barely now. It really irritates me, I think I’d feel better if you made up a new name for yourself if you didn’t feel like introducing yourself with your regular name.
When you first meet someone, you give a name with your introduction. When you call someone, you say your name. When you text someone new, PLEASE say your name. Their world most likely doesn’t revolve around you, and they could be expecting more people than just you to contact them. The person getting your proper text will be happy, and you’ll be happy because they will know exactly which wonderful, smart person they are texting with.

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