Blogging advice or lack thereof

I had a fantastic blog written for today, and then as I was finishing the last sentence…my internet decided to temporarily lose the signal and eat all my work as if it never existed. I guess it’s a sign that I shouldn’t be blogging about the former topic I was going to do. I feel better now that I’ve flipped my laptop my middle finger.
Since I’m still a newbie to the world of blogging, I picked up a book at the library not too long ago to see the “rules” and acceptable things to blog about. I only got through about half of the book before losing interest and determining that the author was in-cahoots with conservative minded older people. Blogs are supposed to be formal and appeal to all audiences, which I disagree with. I really don’t care if someone likes my blog or not. It’s informal and it’s mine and if they don’t like it then they can go be themselves somewhere else.
The book claimed that no one cares what you had for breakfast, among other things, and I disagree. I mean sure, no one wants to know that I had a grapefruit, apple, glass of cranberry juice and a banana for breakfast…but what if someone really out there, like someone who enjoys raw or unusual stuff posted what they had for breakfast? If someone ate 4 bull balls, 2 raw squids, a couple octopus legs, and then chased it down with some magic brownies all before work, heck yeah I’d want to know! It makes me have a physical reaction to it, that’s awesome!
Apparently, you are also encouraged to stalk people. Not as in find their address and watch their every movement, but find a victim/person in public like a mall or store, and follow them for a little while. Observe them, listen to conversations they have, and then make up stories and assumptions about them. I find this creepy, people judge one another enough already, it doesn’t need to be encouraged. If you have to store-stalk someone for a blog entry, then I think you just shouldn’t post for that day. No need to go hunting people down for something to write about…and people call ME a creeper sometimes, sheesh!
Maybe I should try a different book, or I could just do nothing and continue to make blogging no-nos. I know for a fact that a few people who read this blog just enjoy seeing me write weird stuff.

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