My life as a Predator…viewer.

Have you ever been watching a movie and somewhere along the line, you start to identify with one of the characters? I do, frequently.
Usually my movies of choice are horror. I start to identify and feel bad for the killer. Can you really blame the person for wanting to kill people? I mean they’re helping to control overpopulation, which is a good thing. The killer is eliminating stupid individuals more often than not (oh yes, I hear a noise, let me go check it out wearing nothing but see through nighties. Just think if that person reproduced, the stupid would be passed on to innocent children.) which is also good. In cool horror movies like the Saw series, the person is even getting rid of people who have crappy morals, or who have wronged someone in some way. Someone definitely need to send that killer/do-gooder a thank you card and some cookies.

Brody and Braga, aka my sister and me

Last night however, I wasn’t watching a horror movie. I was watching more of an action movie with my sister, Predators to be exact. 2 of the main characters spoke to me after awhile, so similar to my sister and me.
The main character, Adrian Brody (who cares what his character’s name is? It’s Adrian Brody, mmm) is much like my sister. She’s manly, wants information immediately, doesn’t wait around for long. Basically only cares about her own agenda, only wants to do things that benefit her in some way, enjoys killing things, is a firm believer in having the best but not necessarily biggest gun, not much of a people person, doesn’t care about the well being of people usually. Definitely my sister.
Isabelle is me, played by Alice Braga in the movie. We are both generally caring people. She cared about the group, wanted everyone to be safe, the feminine mother figure of the clan. She took care of others before herself. She had a cool gun, but nothing huge and bulky to have to maneuver, much like I’d prefer. She hung out with Topher Grace, something I’d love to do. She also wasn’t afraid of Brody’s character and didn’t back down from him, just like how I am usually with my sister. My sister and I are also like the 2 main characters because towards the end we see that Brody does apparently have a heart and care (at least a little) about Isabelle. My sister cares about me, I know this, but sometimes it just takes her awhile to show it, hence the likeness yet again.
What particular movie and/or characters do you see yourself as?

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