Resolutions for 2011

Some people make resolutions for the upcoming year on New Year’s Eve. I like to start early, I like to have my list of resolutions ready to go right after Christmas. I don’t always start them on that day, but usually I’m in the mood to start them by the time New Year’s Eve comes around. I aim for 3-5 resolutions at least, sometimes up to 10. Any more than that and I start feeling like it’s a lost cause. Since tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and after that Christmas Day, I figured I’d share my resolutions with the online world early.
1. Lose the last 70 pounds. I’m sooooooo close! I mean geez I’ve lost 130 in a year, I can do 70 more as long as I buckle down and quit slacking.
2. Go to church more. I haven’t been as diligent about attending as I should be, and I feel bad for it. Yes I work on Sundays, but my church has Saturday evening services that I can attend. I even enjoy going, so I have no excuse to be lax on this.
3. Tell him that I like him. He probably knows, but he deserves to have a confirmation. Will it end badly? Almost certainly, but then I’ll have confirmation as well. I won’t do this one right away, but it’s on my list.
4. Successfully cook/bake something new (not from a box or the frozen section) without the smoke alarms cheering me on…this may involve taking their batteries out briefly and having all the windows open.
5. Have at least one successful date. No scaring the guy off, not being stood up, behaving myself with the “taboo” questions, no playing footsie under the table. Bonus points for me if he ends up wanting a second date.
Tell me some of your resolutions, or even just one! Do you make any?

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