Confession: I’m a bottomless pit

Brief background on me, this same time last year (2009) I weighed about 120 pounds more than I do now. I would eat everything in sight and go for those naughty things I shouldn’t have. I could eat a whole box of cookies, a whole jar of peanut butter etc. There was no stopping me, I could eat myself out of house and home if I wanted to.
Nowadays, I look normal. Yes I am still chubby around the waist, but I don’t look like a plumped up tick anymore. Size 30 clothing down to a size 16, needless to say I’ve learned a few things about control and indulgence. The problem of being a bottomless pit is still here. I still feel hungry!

I'm not nearly as round as this tummy, but with all the food that I consume I probably should be.

I’ll have a huge meal, appetizers, main meal, and dessert, and then I will seriously come home and eat more! My stomach has seriously shrank, but my appetite is still there. I really don’t know where my body puts all the food I eat. I think being the runner that I am, I burn off most of it so I’m not gaining weight back, but still being a bottomless pit is rough. I’m always eating, and if I’m not eating then my stomach is crying to me saying it’s hungry. I don’t eat little meals, I’ll eat something huge like 4 cups of broccoli, 3 cups of raspberries, salmon, 2 apples, a banana and then maybe some gluten free bread. I don’t know how it all fits in me, but it does and then my stomach is still like “I need food! I’m starving!” Where the heck did all that stuff go?!? Sometimes I get naughty and binge in between meals. A few days ago, I had 2 cans of olives, 3 grapefruits, 2 apples, 1 slice of cheese, 1 chicken breast, and a glass of fat free milk…and I still had room for dinner which took place a couple hours after.
This might sound awesome to some people, but not to me. I thought once I lost a bunch of weight my appetite would ease up. I mean sure I control it by eating things that aren’t usually bad for me, but why can’t the bottomless pit-ness just go away and let me eat like those skinny twigs? Like 1 piece of lettuce and a bottled water than they are good to go for 3 days. Why does the fat girl still inhabit my body? Shouldn’t she have melted away with all of the weight I’ve lost? 60 more pounds and I’ll be mostly done with major weight loss, with the exception of tweaking a few body parts. Do you think the bottomless pit will cease to exist, or will I always have this problem?
Are you a bottomless pit too? How do you control your urges to eat? Any advice for me? I’m open to it all!

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