The Obnoxious Gift-Giver

You know how there are some people who can’t give you a decent gift, even if their life depended on it? You feel like they deliberately sit and think of what to give you and how it’s a screwed up version of something you actually want.
There’s this person I know who demands a list of things I want, and then when I produce said list, I get something completely not on it. Example, when I was younger I wanted Jurassic Park 2. I neatly wrote it on the list and even specified I wanted it on VHS because we didn’t have a DVD when I was that young. Sounds fairly easy, just go and buy Jurassic Park 2, right? Nope! She got me a used copy of Jurassic Park, the first one. She then proceeded to argue with me, a child at the time, that I didn’t specify I wanted #2. Weirdo.

Santa doesn't like surprises on Christmas, ditto for me.

Now here it is, about 10 years later and the person still pulls the same kind of junk. When I say gift cards, she only activates them for small amounts ($1, $3, $5, etc.) and then writes on the card that it’s for something larger ($20, $30, $50). So this year I put down all DVDs, make it simple, and yes I specified that they were DVDs. She looks at my list and says “Splice? What is a Splice? What is that?” Well if she’d look next to it, I stated it was a DVD. You know what’s going to happen? She will get it for me, but it will be her version. I’m just waiting for her to give me something weird like “Wolfgang Puck: How to SPLICE and Dice your Tomatoes” DVD. No offense to Mr. Puck, but that’s not what I asked for. She will then argue it’s what I had down on my list.
This doesn’t sit well with me because I seriously hate surprises, which is why the lists usually make me feel relieved because then I have some idea of what I’m getting. Just to be clear, she doesn’t do this for fun, she’s just that messed up in the head. I would rather her not get me anything than to waste money getting something that I don’t want. I could have just as happy a Christmas, maybe even more, if she didn’t get me anything.
Do you know anyone like this woman? What’s the weirdest, stupidest, strangest gift anyone has ever given you? Do you do wish/gift lists to prevent unwanted “surprises”?

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