Confession: I’m an Ugly Drinker

I know there are many reasons in the world people have for drinking or not drinking alcohol. Aside from not enjoying the feeling of being drunk, I don’t have too many. There is one odd one that I’ll share with you though. I don’t like drinking because whenever I do it always seems like someone has a camera. Usually I like cameras. When I’m drunk, cameras and me don’t get along. I’m a happy, goofy drunk, so my faces get really stupid.

My friend and me, the ugly drinker.

Check out the picture. The girl in the black is mostly drunk and she looks insane. Admit it, she looks like she’s going to kill you and be smiling that funky, squinched up smile the whole time. Like some messed up clown psychopath. That girl is me at my friend’s party. That’s after only 2 drinks. Yes, I get that drunk, tipsy and ugly after 2 drinks. If I look that nutsy after 2 drinks, imagine how I’d get after 5 or more. I’m an ugly drunk and I hate it. I don’t look anything like that on regular days and if someone were to show me this picture and say “hey, this is you”, I would have said they were nuts. The only problem is that I know that’s me because that’s one of my favorite shirts and because I actually had my hair down that night instead of my traditional ponytail or messy bun. This is my main reason for not drinking as stupid as that sounds. I’m an ugly drinker, plain and simple reason. Plus I just have bad luck to drink when someone has a camera, just easier not to drink and then I don’t have to worry about looking disgusting and crazy.

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