The hunt is on

…for my 2011 calendar that is.
Each year I start early, looking for a calendar that I love and won’t get tired of. Last year I didn’t find one, so I ended up spending the year using the mini calendar that comes with the box of checks. Not cool, doesn’t have a speck of personality. I don’t want to be stuck with another awful calendar, so this year I’m determined to find one I love.
The last time I was truly thrilled with a calendar was 2006. It was my Princess Ai calendar and I still have it because I love the artwork. I’ve searched everywhere for a 2011 one, but sadly they aren’t making one. Russian Blue Cat calendars as well as Chartreaux Cat calendars don’t seem to be in stock this year either. There are some weight loss newsletters I subscribe to that have calendars and I could buy one of those. I’m sure they would be helpful to me, but there are some days when I just don’t feel like being healthy. I don’t want to learn a new exercise move, a new miracle skinny food, or how best to plan my meals. I know if I had a calendar like that and I ended up having an unhealthy day I’d feel guilty and no one should feel guilty for being naughty one day a month…or several. Okay so those healthy ones are out. Maxine is funny, but I don’t think I could handle her for a whole year. If I was a Twilight fan, I’d have my pick of about 15 different calendars. What the hell is Tron? Why does it have a 2011 calendar but my beautiful Princess Ai doesn’t? That’s messed up for real. Princess Ai is way more fun than Tron. So many choices, yet none of them for me.
I was batting around the idea of making my own. I mean hey, I’m a former graphic designer, I could whip up one right? Too bad I’m too lazy to do that. It would be fun to fill it with 1/2 naked men, or even pictures of Gypsy, but again I don’t want to invest my time into making it. I might have to if it gets down to the wire and I don’t find a good calendar by New Years Eve, just suck it up and do it. Don’t they have those goofy calendar kits for really crafty people? I can be crafty when I feel like it, maybe I should do that. At least I’d get a halfway decent calendar and it would have the pictures that I want in it. Does anyone else have a yearly calendar predicament? Am I the only one who cares about what my calendar looks like?

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