The Thrill of the Run

As I’ve stated a few times on the blog, I love running. I know it’s not for everyone and that’s fine. I just hate hearing how people groan and complain that they HAVE to do it, if you don’t want to run, then don’t. I’ve come up with a couple rules that I think joggers should obey, ones that I adhere to.
1. Enjoy it! Don’t do it unless you truly love it. It shows to others who see you, and why waste your time doing something you hate?
2. Keep your head up, not down. Your feet are not important right now. Don’t look to the sky, just look forward. Focus, be confident in where you are going. Enjoy this time, the feelings.
3. Dress appropriately. Men, don’t wear a tank top that are so big I can see your nipples through the arm holes. Women, don’t wear spandex so tight I can see every jiggle of your thighs. Do not run in sandals unless a murderer is after you. My personal favorite running attire is yoga pants and a t-shirt that’s made of thinner material and just the right size.
4.Move your arms don’t keep them down at your sides, it looks weird. My arms are up, moving forward and back with my jogging pace and usually balled into fists. Do not fling the arms, you’re not a zombie after a delicious, fleshy human. You are a graceful jogger, enjoying your run.
5. Do an optional happy dance after you’re done and make sure to stretch before and after the run. I know everyone knows to stretch before the run, but you need to do it after as well because believe it or not, it can prevent cramps, sprains, and general icky feelings later in the day.
Do you have any special rules that you follow for your jogging/running? What physical activities do you enjoy?

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