Happiness: SLIFF

One of the highlights of any year for me is SLIFF, the St. Louis International Film Festival. About a week before the showings start, I review each movie available to see if I’m interested. My dad’s company is a contributor and so he gets several free pass tickets, which he doesn’t use so he passes them on to me.
SLIFF is fantastic for a few reasons.
1) It encourages me to get out of my driving comfort zone and explore new areas.
2) I’ve become quite good at reading subtitles and still being able to pay attention to the movie.
3) Aside from the popcorn that I buy myself, my movie viewing pleasure is free.
When I see a SLIFF movie, I almost feel like I’m getting a sneak preview of something that’s coming out, even though some of the movies I’ve seen over the years have yet to make a comeback. This year, there was one movie and theater that really stuck out. The movie was called the Illusionist and the theater that showed it was called Hi-Pointe. I had never been to it(thank you mapquest for directions) and when I got there I was stunned by it’s charm. It was like a time warp to the past, an adorable little theater. I thought it was fun to go to Wash U and see a movie, but the Hi-Pointe officially beat out Wash U for my favorite new location of a SLIFF film this year.
The movie that I saw at Hi-Pointe, The Illusionist, was equally as captivating. There wasn’t much dialogue in this animated feature, so it really made you think. The dialogue was also mixed between English, French and Gaelic, with no subtitles. Beautiful film, I really hope it makes it to general public availability.
If you ever have the time, I suggest you go to a SLIFF movie, especially if it’s at a location you aren’t familiar with. Happiness comes in many different ways, even the most unexpected ones.

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