Happiness: Show Me Soaps

About a year ago I was at a Craft Fair shopping and I stumbled upon a booth of handmade soaps. Their look was very appealing to me and after the first whiff of soap I was hooked. The product was called Show Me Soaps, made from all natural ingredients with fragrances so appealing you’ll want to run home and jump into the shower just so you can use the soap. There are oodles of scents, but my favorites are Very Cherry, Peaches and Cream, Sinfully Sweet and Warm Vanilla. They aren’t just for females either! They have fun smells like Dirt, Rain and Citrus Twist for the men. If I had a boyfriend, I’d love to smell these on him. Their website is appropriately called showmesoapsonline.com and their online store can be found there as well, but here is a quick link to it.

This is Show Me Soap, Butt Naked. It's their top seller. I have never used this scent, but anything with the word naked in it must be good 🙂

I don’t know them personally, I’ve just briefly talked to them at the Craft Fairs. They are great people though so that makes me feel good about buying from them. Show Me Soaps makes me so happy, that I refuse to use anything else to lather up. I love everything about the soaps. I love how the scent stays on your skin after you’re done showering, I love the silky smooth feel of the lather, I enjoy how the fragrance invades your nose, how the soap doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky, dry or dirty. It’s such a friendly soap. Anything that can make me this happy just by taking a simple shower needs to be mentioned so here it is. Show Me Soaps, I love you, you make my life happy now, forever, and always.

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