A day of regret

Have you ever done something completely awful and out of character for you and then regretted it with all your being? I did today. Today was the end of my pledge to myself to remain intentionally single and then reflect on what I’ve learned and what my next move would be.
My online friend who lives in Texas decided to come down for the weekend to celebrate with me, meet me in person for the first time ever, and to talk with me about what I’ve learned. It was fun at first, we had Indian food for lunch and then we talked for awhile at the restaurant. As Bob (not his real name) and I were walking out to our individual cars, he hugged me and said he had no idea I’d be so breathtakingly beautiful, and then he kissed my cheek…and my neck…and it trailed down a bit lower. He asked if I wanted to come to his hotel room and being stupid I readily agreed. Bob and I hung out in his hotel room for about 7 hours and things happened and now I regret it. I rarely regret things I do, but this is one of them. I know what you’re thinking and no we didn’t “go all the way”, but pretty dang close. I don’t know why I was so stupid, even when we were hanging out in his room, I was imagining he was someone else. I literally saw the other man’s face and imagined him. Yes I deserve to be called every awful name in the book, fire away.
Now Bob is talking about wanting a relationship with me and here I am not wanting one with him. I ruined an otherwise good online friendship with a nice guy who came to my state just to celebrate the end of my pledge.
I will write a post about what I’ve learned during my month of being intentionally single soon, I just had to get my regret off my mind so I can start fresh tomorrow.
Okay everyone, fess up. Tell me one thing you’ve done in your life that you regret. If you don’t have anything you regret, give yourself a huge pat on the back and tell me some inspiring words so I don’t feel so awful.

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