Moving Day

How much do you love your family? Would you do anything you could for them? I would, this includes moving. My grandparents, parents, and I all live within 15 minutes of each other. All of us are in Ballwin, MO as well. I’m moving from my current home in Ballwin where I rent a room to my parents’ home in Ballwin where I grew up. I will be living with my younger sister and my father. My mother will be moving into my grandparents’ house to live with them until God knows when.
Here’s the back story. About a month ago my grandfather had back-to-back surgery on his knees. His insurance no longer covers his hospital stay so he was forced to either come home or go to a nursing home. Home he went since my mother is a Registered Nurse and is able to care for him. His recovery is taking longer than the doctor expected and the hospital and insurance seem to want to just wash their hands of him. I think if I had 2 knee surgeries and was still recovering I’d need awhile to heal too. My grandmother is older and is very weak and needs help with general things. Even standing from a chair is hard for her. My father, mother, sister and I have been taking shifts either at the hospital to encourage Grandpa in his healing and rehab, or over at their house with Grandma to help her. With Grandpa coming home and Grandma being older anyway, someone will need to be there 24/7. My mother, the saint that she is, accepted this role happily and without question.

This isn't me or my boxes, but you get the idea.

Fast forward back to now. How does this make me need to move back to my childhood home? With my dad working and then going straight over there to help my mother after his work, there is no one to take care of my parents’ house and it’s maintenance and the pets. There is no one to make sure my sister is doing okay in college and to make sure the house is in order. My job will be to keep the house in order, be there for my younger sister, make sure my mom and dad don’t need anything over at my grandparents’ place, and anything else I can do to help. Gypsy is already there, I moved her and got her set up yesterday (Sunday). Mollie is there already so now it’s just all my clothes and whatnot that need to be moved.
Will this completely kill my dating life? Yeah probably, especially when they ask where I live and I answer “with my parents/family”, very cool considering I’m 27 lol. I don’t mind, family comes first. At least the rent will be free and the drive to and from work won’t really change. Will this mean I get to park in the garage? That’d be nice, but definitely not mandatory. I’m nervous and worried about my grandparents but I know they’re in the greatest, caring, most capable hands ever. I’m blessed to have a wonderful mother and an understanding, supportive father. Any words of advice or encouragement? I welcome all comments.

Sidenote: I’m officially moved in as of this evening. My stuff is still in boxes and bags, but at least my bed is made. Tomorrow is looking fun, I can’t wait to get going on this place!

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