Spam Me

I know Spam happens, and I actually don’t mind it, as long as it’s relevant. Some things that I have gotten in the past were actually useful, but don’t tell the spammers out there, I don’t need more.

Some of the more useful, relevant ones to me were:
-How to improve your jogging pace and time in 10 steps, free PDF. Helped me greatly!
-Get 3 free cotton blend shirts when you pay $5.00 S&H, not free but I can always use shirts to jog in and stain up. They are actually good shirts.
-5 sites to check for money that you are entitled to. I ended up getting $500.00 from the 5 sites and all it cost me was my time.
-10 Best Foods to eat for clear skin, PDF download. Just skip the video for the diet program it’s really advertising for and the PDF is mine for the taking. My skin does look better and none of the foods were anything really weird.

Now, for 1 email of “good” spam, there’s about 30 emails for “bad” spam, those things which I am not interested in or are irrelevant. Some of the grand prize winners in my book are:

-Cialis Trial, as if I’m going to try a medicine for a body part I don’t have…does my email even come across as belonging to a male?Nope.
-Grow your penis. Considering I don’t have or want one on my own body, I think I’ll pass on attempting to grow mine.
-Ink toner. Might be nice if it was for my particular printer
-Viagara, the magic pill. Some of the spam is getting smart and saying it’s safe for women to use too so I should get some. I don’t have a problem getting in the mood so I’ll skip it for now, thanks.
-Nude Babes, umm…eww, big no thank you to that! If I want to see a nude babe I can strip myself and look in the mirror.
-Russian Brides. Seeing as how I really enjoy men(pity isn’t it?) and am not fully sure I’m getting married, this won’t work for me. Any Russian Grooms/Men in your inventory? I have plenty of closet space to keep him in!
– Casual Fling with “Sasha” tonight who lives in Ballwin and just turned 18. Well Happy Birthday Sasha. This is your 10th one this month isn’t it? How often do you change your name? Today you’re Sasha, last week you were Chrissy, Stefanie, Brittany, and Nikki. If you have any male friends who are 22 and older and free of STDs then let me know.
-Erectile Disfunction, gross. Again, why do I need a product or a cure for something that I don’t even have the chance to suffer from? Maybe check out who you are spamming, the chances that they actually buy into your stuff would increase if they were at least the correct gender.
-500 color business cards. Nice idea, and the designs are cool. Only problem is that I make my own and only pass out maybe 20 a year. I do quite well based on word of mouth referrals.
-One of my favorites: I’m the heir to some fortune and the bank of Nigeria just needs my personal info (name, occupation, ssn, address, phone number, and X amount of $ to secure the transfer,etc.) for me to claim it. Nigeria, UK, Brazil, I have so many unknown relatives, it’s amazing!

Your turn, any favorite good or bad spam that you get? I’d love to add some to my list! Any that give you your chuckle for the day? Oh spam, the joy you bring me on a near daily basis. Bring it on, there’s plenty of room in my Email Trash.

Side Note: I’m still a bit new to blogging and how WordPress works, so I just now found out that I have to approve comments before they are shown. Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and for commenting! You are all wonderful! I apologize for the delay in the comments showing up, won’t happen again since I know where they go now.

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