RIP yoga pants

Is there anything in your life that has to go a certain way or else you just know you won’t do well? That’s a really bad question, I worded it awfully. Right now, I’m relaxing before I head out to the Lone Wolf Midnight Howl 5k Run. I enjoy running and especially doing these events. Everything is almost in order, except for one thing, my pants. I have my event shirt on, my hair pulled back for maximum comfort, my favorite jogging socks and my trusty running shoes. I even have on my favorite bra and panties that don’t go anywhere when I jog. My number is nicely pinned to the lower part of my shirt, at first glance I look like I’m ready to go. No pants. Why? My favorite pair of yoga pants that I love using to jog in b/c they feel amazing have shrunk in the dryer because someone didn’t change the setting. They look like shorts on me now, very stupid. It feels wrong to wear them, and yet wrong to wear another pair. This pair of yoga pants was with me when I got my best time ever in a race, they’ve been with me for all of my pilates and yoga DVDs, and they’ve even visited Creve Coeur Park with me on a few occasions. This brings me online, to vent, to help me think, to help me relax and calm my nerves. I have other pants I promise, I just loved that particular pair, it felt like they were meant for me. I guess I’m just being snotty to the other pants in my drawer, but they aren’t my favorite. I know I will have to pick someone else since 1) I don’t think I’m allowed to run in just my panties and 2) It’s a bit cold and breezy to not have pants on. My poor yoga pants, they were so young, hardly had a chance to experience life. RIP my favorite yoga pants, you will be missed dearly.

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