Money does buy happiness

…at least to a point apparently. My cousin-in-law and I were discussing this a couple days ago. I never bought into (oh yes I did a pun there, you are welcome to groan) the whole “money doesn’t buy happiness” phrase. When I was younger I took great pride in saving up for a toy or something I really wanted and then buying it. That toy would keep me happy for a long time, and I’d appreciate it more because I had bought it with my own money. Money therefore did buy me happiness. There was a study done about money and happiness. It ended up showing that money does buy happiness to a point. There is obviously a line where someone could have so much money that nothing they buy would quench their happiness hunger. The article said that monetary amount was $75,000. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that much money. I’m incredibly happy in life the way I am now. I don’t require big, fancy things to enjoy life. I don’t need the hottest car in the world. My clothes don’t have to be in season or even name brand. However, if I really want something that I believe will make me happy then I can usually purchase it. That adorable fabric I saw for me to make a teddy bear? No problem, I got it. Donating to my church for the walkway to be fixed? Anonymous from me. 10 new books from Oh yes, they are on their way to me. These things bring me oodles of happiness and leave me with money to spare. I fit right in with the article’s study of being happy up to $75,000.
Here’s a weird question for you. What would you do with your extra money? If my salary increased and I all of a sudden made that much a year, I wouldn’t know what to do with it. Do you happen to make at least that much a year? Does it make you happy? What do you buy to make you happy? I’m not talking temporary happy, like a candy bar, unless you bought it everyday to sustain your extreme happiness.
Do you agree with the study, that money can buy happiness to a point?

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