Confession: I count 3 steps before going onto an escalator

Do you have any interesting quirks that make people give you the wide-eyed “you have a third eye in the middle of your face” look? I do, but this confession is usually what triggers it from people. My process for any escalator, is as follows:

1. Approach escalator at a walking pace.
2. Count 3 steps silently in my head.
3. Step onto 4th step, making sure both feet are on the same step.
4. Look up or down, depending on which way is my destination.
5. Exit escalator when current step I am standing on is even with designated landing pad.
6. Step away from escalator immediately. Have a nice day.

I’ve always been nervous around them, no clue why. I’ve heard of people getting their shoelaces caught, and then a long time ago there was something on the news about a guy getting his shirt or something caught and the escalator eating it to the point of choking him. I don’t know those people, nor has anything major happened to be besides a random stumble or brief moment of unbalancing. I think I do it to just ready myself for it, 3 sounded like a good number apparently and the counting makes me relax and prepare for what’s coming. Do you happen to have a process for mounting an escalator? Do you know anyone who does this too?

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