You must have been a beautiful baby

I got this comment from a single father today, “You must have been a beautiful baby and gotten better with age, like a fine wine.” I laughed it off and secretly wondered where I could find enough cheese to go along with such a compliment. It did prompt me to dig through old photos and find some pictures of me when I was younger. For some reason, my mother has a lot more of me as a baby with my bare butt than anything else, which I’m sure will come in useful for her when/if I ever bring home anyone, but I definitely don’t want those on my blog. No need to expose everyone to my weird birthmark. Anyway I had to settle for professional toddler pictures of myself.

Me, 2 years old. Yes, my mother still has that little dress, I think it's a family tradition thing.

3 years old, the "Shirley Temple has nothing on you" years.

4 years old, yes I did win a Beautiful Baby type of contest my mother entered me into that year. I wonder where my blue eyes went though.

5 years old, kinda serious looking. I must have been a snot and gotten in trouble before this was taken.



















How about you? Did you age well like a fine wine too? Anyone else think that compliment, though thoughtful, was ultra cheesy? I’d love to see pictures if anyone wants to post them 🙂

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