Adventures in Baking: GFWF Pancakes

I finally recovered from my attempt at biscuits and decided to try pancakes. I got down to business early in the morning on Sunday(ok ok, afternoon. Some of us still go to church on Sunday mornings). Pancakes sounded more friendly than biscuits so I figured I’d give them a shot and the recipe sounded safe and not easily screwed up which was another plus. So things started off well, I got the ingredients into a bowl and mixed it up and it looked like pancake batter. I grabbed a skillet since I’m not the owner of a griddle, oiled it up and waited for it to look hot. I got tired of waiting pretty quick so I just started anyway. Those cooking shows make things look so easy, I didn’t think turning over a pancake would be hard. At first I forgot I needed to, no wonder the bottoms of the first ones were black and the tops hardly cooked. Turning them was hard at first, I know everyone says you ruin the first couple you make, but I ruined the first 7, just from the flipping, not including the whole burning thing.

Not so bad if you just ignore the burnt ones and the funky one that got folded over and cooked that way. Did I mention I had never made pancakes before this?

Somewhere in the middle of making pancakes, 2 of the fire alarms in the house decided to cheer me on. This woke up the rest of the household, and then the complaints started. “What’s that smell?!”, “My eyes are burning from all the smoke!”, “Who let Manda use the stove?!?”
I think they overreacted, there wasn’t that much smoke…after we opened all the windows and doors and turned the exhaust fan on. So eventually I finished making all the pancakes and it was time for everyone to taste them.
Verdict: Acceptable! Everyone liked them, even though some of them were slightly burnt. Nothing some extra butter and syrup can’t fix. I would definitely do this again, maybe next time I will experiment and put something in the batter like bananas or chocolate chips. Finally something that I can have that tastes delicious.

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