Saw VII: The Final Chapter

Earlier this evening, I saw Saw VII aka The Final Chapter(NOT in 3D, makes me sick) in the series and enjoyed it. The traps are cool and hold my attention, and I find myself watching sometimes just to see how they kill the person(s) involved. As I was walking out of the theater I couldn’t help but wonder what I would be kidnapped and trapped up for. I mean sure everyone does bad stuff in their life, so it’s not like I’m off the hook, but what bad thing would Jigsaw decide to snatch me for? My unhealthy obsession with my cat? Helping others before I help myself? Something from a past relationship? Let’s hope not, I’d really be on the snatched list then. I would most likely be taken because I have the misfortune of knowing someone who is bad and needs to be tested. One of those more innocent people who is used strictly as a “save this person or briefly mourn their death and move on to the next scene” people. That would suck, I wouldn’t even have the option to save myself. I was also toying with the idea that maybe I would be like Jill and actually have dated/been married to the psycho himself, not knowingly of course, psychos aren’t my type.
If Jigsaw grabbed you, what would it be for? Would you be the one playing his game, or one of the more innocent people who just happen to know someone being tested?

Side note: My favorite contraption in this installment of the Saw series? The woman who is in trouble for her silence for Dagen’s lies, aka fish hook down the throat. This is going to make me sound like a sicko, but yes I laughed at this part. Just go see it, blood, Jigsaw, and interesting contraptions are always good.

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