Bad Habit: Biting my bottom lip

I know you’re not supposed to talk bad about yourself, but since everyone has habits I thought that sharing some of mine on an occasional basis might be fun. Maybe we’ll have something in common 🙂

Yes, it's recent unfortunately. Within the past 2 days actually. The swelling has gone down, but you can still see the sides where I got them bleeding. Why did I do it this time? Horny/wanting someone in "that" way. I can't help it! You'd want him too if you saw him.

One of my bad habits is biting my bottom lip. Just the bottom, I think because it’s more plump and easier to catch with my teeth. It’s a conscious habit, I usually know when I’m doing it, but it’s still hard to stop. The times I do this bad habit are when I’m nervous, horny/wanting someone in “that” way, thinking hard, or unsure about something. I don’t even bite them in a pleasing way, it’s not relaxing or massaging so it’s not even a fun bad habit to do. My teeth like to clamp down, dig in and drag my lip into my mouth. By the time I stop, I get them bleeding and chapped and skin hanging off them, nasty. They are sore, swollen and burn for days afterward.
I have several lip medications for them to make the healing go easier, but no matter how much my dermatologist and doctor lecture me, no matter how much it hurts and bleeds, no matter how much I wish I didn’t do it, it still happens with the end result. It’s a bad habit, one I need to break, especially if I want to be kissed anytime soon.
How about you, do you do this bad habit too? Even if it’s not as major as mine, you should still tell me, then I won’t feel like I’m the only odd one who makes a meal out of their lip.

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