Pet Peeve: Absence of blinkers

I don’t claim to be the best driver in the world, but I am pretty good. I do the speed limit usually, I give cars around me ample space, I don’t have road rage, I don’t toss anything out my window at other cars, and I even use my blinkers. Speaking of blinkers, did you know that between 1958-1960, somewhere in there, they became standard on ALL vehicles? It’s true, Google said so 😛 There must be a lot of people in the world with cars made before 1958, because it seems like at least once I day a driver in front of me confuses the living mess out of me. The cars look so new though, it’s absolutely amazing! You see an eclipse driving like a bat out of hell, a new looking Camry weaving, and one of those ugly box-looking cars cutting you off like they are an emergency vehicle. These cars I’m sad to report, weren’t made with blinkers!

I'm not this bad about it, but the kitty is pretty so I decided to use it...looks so soft and fluffy, I want to touch.

My car is older, but it has blinkers and I use them frequently. When did using blinkers go out of style? It really scares me when someone just decides to come over into my lane, no blinker, and almost takes out the front of my car. This causes me to swerve and get nervous and scare my poor car. Okay people, USE YOUR BLINKERS! Just because you enjoy being reckless and living like there’s no tomorrow doesn’t mean us good drivers share your passion. Some people like getting to and from places unharmed and safely. Maybe some people get a secret rush from endangering random drivers by not using their blinkers? Bottom line: Blinkers are on your car for a reason, use them!

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