Halloween Haunted House for Free

Usually I’m pretty selfish on here and talk only about myself and my life, which is perfectly acceptable since it’s my blog. Today I wanted to change a little bit and discuss a really neat family that I know. On Halloween, the Ingoldsby family runs a free haunted house and it’s quite a big production. The folks in our neighborhood know about it and over the years it’s grown very popular. The Ingoldsbys were recently featured in the Suburban Journal, West County edition. Here’s the link for the article, check it out, that’s good stuff right there. This year, the theme is old time theater and movies. I haven’t been by their house recently (I should visit more, they are only 2 minutes away) and I won’t have the chance to go on Halloween, but maybe you could go for me. If you don’t have anything to do on Halloween yet, please go and visit Blackford Haunt at 845 Forest Village Drive in Ballwin. A map of where they are located is on their website, but I’ll be a dear and link to it here. It’s going to be fantastic and I can almost promise you won’t be disappointed. Bring a date, your children (there’s a “no scare” version), or just yourself and see this setup. Say “hi” to Mel and Christine for me!

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