Where have all the books gone?

This evening I found myself in a most unusual position. I had just finished my apple slices, warm tea and one of the best trashy romance novels I’ve read. I put the book on my bookcase of “books I’ve read” and headed to my “books to read” chest. As I opened it and prepared to sort through the books of different genres, my eyes did a double take…I don’t have a single book left. The chest is empty. One of my biggest fears has finally come to life. My heart started pounding, I could hear it in my ears. How could I have let this happen?

How fast do you go through this many books?

I’m constantly at bookstores buying books and putting them in my chest to eventually read. I hoard books! I’m one of those crazy people who buy books by the dozens and save them to read. Maybe I forgot to add my most recent purchases I thought. I scoured my home for any Borders or Barnes & Noble bags that weren’t empty and found none.
I know what you’re thinking, “Manda dear, just run to the bookstore and buy something”. Ah yes, that would be good, except that I’m already in my nightwear and don’t feel like changing or venturing out in public in my M&Ms pajama pants, tank top, and fuzzy red slippers. I also discovered that all the books on my “To-Read” list on my computer have already been read. It’s like I’m in my own version of a horror movie. I should be in a corner, cowering and swaying back and forth saying something creepy. I think I will be okay for the rest of the evening, I can do my sudoku and just hope for sleep. Tomorrow I already know my schedule, head to the bookstore and pick up some of the books on my newly created “To-Read” list.
Any suggestions of books? I like all different genres and I’m game for anything you can dish out, ANYTHING 😉

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