Happiness: Dancing in an empty home

I’m usually not a dancer, in public that is. The only dancing I do in public is the electric slide and the boot-scootin’ boogie line dance, even then it’s only at weddings, and only if the bride or groom gives me a helpless glance to join them in the misery.
When I’m home alone, this is an entirely different story. Home alone, I’m a dancing nutcase. I wear nothing but a t-shirt/tank top and panties and have my way with the house. I turn up my iPod, put on my music, and white girl dance all around the house. Singing happens too, that’s an important part of the solitary dancing. I don’t always know the words, and when I house dance I make up my own temporary lyrics(Manda Remixes as friends call them). Dancing like a lunatic/imaginary dance pro gives me an instant happiness boost, and I’m almost convinced it’s as good as a workout at the gym.
Does it scare the pets? Yes, but I don’t do it for more than an hour at a time, they can go be scared for a little bit. Do I take phone calls or answer the door while I partake in my partially clothed dancing? No, this is “me time.”

Do you do this too?

I think about the ways my body is moving, I think about the muscles I’m using and how good it makes my body feel. I’m lucky enough to have a huge mirror going down the front hallway. I stare at myself and try to look like an exotic dancer…I fail badly but it’s fun to try and it makes me feel good anyway.
Just to answer the question that is probably on your mind…No, I do not slide down hallways like Tom Cruise on Risky Business. I’ve never actually seen that movie. I’m also not a big fan of Tom*gasp* I know, what a shock. A female who isn’t attracted to him. Since I dance barefoot, my feet don’t slide as well as socks would. I get a better grip on the floor with my toes that’s perfect for bouncing, hopping, and wiggling though.
Do you share in my delight of dancing alone in an empty house? What do you think about when you do it? I didn’t even scratch the surface of all my naughty thoughts that I get when I do it, that’s fr another time You’re more than welcome to share yours though! I’m all ears.

Side Note: Deliberately being single is turning out to be more fun that I thought. I’m learning oodles about myself and the notes I’m making are definitely causing me to assess some things. I’m excited to see what else I’ve learned by the time the 4 weeks is over.

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