Ring Bling

I’m pretty sure that everyone has been a victim to a newly engaged female at least once in their life. The girl who is engaged and wants to talk about nothing but her ring, how big it is, how shiny it is,the cost and how that magically equates to how much he loves her, all the stores they looked at etc. I was a victim to this several times on Saturday.
Saturday I attended an all day (8am-4pm) seminar to fulfill the Missouri state requirement for my teaching certification to remain valid for another 99 years, a lot of my former college friends did too. It must have been the year for rings. Out of the 10 friends, 8 had new rings and 1 had gotten married last year. Myself and 1 other friend were the only single people in our little group.

Does this say love to you, or just something big, blinding, and shiny?

The discussion during seminar breaks was always the same thing, the rings. When I asked questions about the men they were engaged to, they didn’t seem too thrilled with the conversation. It was all about the rings and comparing them, asking about prices, sizes, and how much begging, pleading, and yelling they had to do to their men.
I’m a regular female, and since 90% of the US population is/has been married there’s a pretty good chance I’ll eventually take that leap. I really hope I don’t turn psycho about the ring. It’s all about the 2 people and them living out their lives together, since when does a shiny rock equal how much someone loves you? A mean jerk of a man could buy a girl a ring(or vice versa) with a huge gem and not love her. A poor man could love his woman more than anything in the world but not have the money to buy her a ring at all. Rings don’t equal love, they are a status symbol. All the power to you if you have a shiny ring on your finger, not saying it’s a bad thing, heck someday I’ll probably at least get a band or something, but just keep in mind WHY it’s there. Remember the one who gave it to you, all the reasons you love them, the years you’ve spent with them and the future you’re going to have.

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