The one that got away

A couple nights ago, I was watching my friend’s children. After I had gotten them to bed, I went back to the main floor to pick up the mess of toys left in the hallway. As I grabbed a Transformer, this big, huge, nasty spider came out of nowhere. It wasn’t a small spider, it was one of those bigger ones with long slender legs and a substantial body(no, it wasn’t a daddy long leg), very gross. I did what any regular, mature, 27 year old female would do…I accidentally flung the Transformer and did my Spider Dance. That lasted for all of 2 seconds and then I realized I wanted it dead. The uninvited guest started crawling away, I was in hot pursuit. After a couple attempts to step on it, the nasty thing got smart and slipped under a big, heavy flower pot in the hall. I pushed against the pot and tried to pick it up, but it was too heavy and massive for me.

After Googling 1 page of real spider pictures and freaking out, I realized I couldn't have it on my blog. This guy is rather cute though, he can stay.

Now I was starting to get that crawly feeling on my skin, I couldn’t very well go elsewhere because that would just make it worse and I’d feel like the spider had come out and was after me. I took a seat on the hall bench with a book in hand…and gave the pot my death stare, waiting for any signs of creepy, crawly movement. I contemplated visiting the garage and cabinets for some Raid to spray along the outside of the pot, but decided I couldn’t leave my post. The spider didn’t show it’s disgusting self for the rest of my stay there, and my clothes went directly into the wash the second I got home, just for good measure. I’m usually such a good spider killer, it gives me the creepies to think that it’s still crawling around in my friend’s house. It was the one spider that got away from me. Will I ever meet it again? Oh gosh I hope not!

I don’t know how I’m supposed to meet up with friends and watch scary movies(Arachnophobia is on the list among other things) as a pre-Halloween get-together. I love scary movies, but I might have to pass on any dealing with spiders…so gross.

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2 Responses to The one that got away

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