Happiness: Evening Movies

I really enjoy seeing movies in theaters alone. I have no idea why, I’ve just always liked it. Movies are okay for dates and going with friends as well, but sometimes I just want to grab a ticket to something I want to see that no one else does and enjoy myself.
When I go by myself it’s always to one of the later showings, on a weeknight, and usually the movie has been out for awhile. It thrills me to have the whole movie screen to myself, free to laugh, cry, scream, and talk back to the movie without anyone shushing me. I can have my seat in the middle of the very top row, my popcorn gets a chair all to itself, my green tea has the other chair, and I get to be ruler of the movie room for a bit.
People are great, I love people. I just don’t want to drag someone to a movie they don’t want to see for the sake of having a warm body next to me. Plus my popcorn has a tendency to get jealous and not want to be shared 😛

If you plan properly, this emotional child won't be an issue during your movie viewing time.

I have some rules for myself about going to the movies alone.
1) Only see romantic comedies,comedies, and children’s movies. I love horror movies, but seeing them alone, at night and then trying to go home and sleep doesn’t work for me. My mind conjures up weird stuff and then I’m awake all night.
2) Go on a weeknight and to one of the last showings of the day. Sometimes you get lucky by seeing a movie during the day on a weekday as well, but in my experiences evening weeknights are best. They are more likely to yield a completely empty movie screen and an almost deserted movie theater, no lines.
3) The longer the movie has been out, the less likely anyone will be joining your late night movie. Unless the movie was a major hit like those Twilight ones or Avatar, wait awhile until the population has lost interest and then have your way with it.
4) If you’re a female and going late at night, park close to the theater entrance. Walk confidently from and to your car, eyes forward, aware of your surroundings and any people. I’ve never had an issue with safety, but it is something I keep in mind when indulging in my evening movie enjoyment.
5) This should go without saying, but after you’ve enjoyed your movie, leave your seat exactly how you found it. Put the armrests back up, take all your trash, etc. Sometimes the same theater shows a movie in the early afternoon and doesn’t get cleaned until after that showing. Why leave your junk there to sit for hours and hours, other people deserve a clean movie viewing experience too.

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