Adventures in Baking: GFWF Biscuits

Due to Celiac Disease, I have become a more active baker in my kitchen. My mission is to create things for myself that normal people are allowed to have and make them taste just as yummy. Today, my GFWF attempt was to make biscuits that taste just as good as regular ones.
I did everything I was supposed to, I followed the recipe exactly, I even forked the Crisco into pea sized pieces like it specified. The batter looked great, it smelled good when it was baking, they looked gorgeous as I was taking them out of the oven. This was going to be delicious, I knew this would go down as one of my successful attempts. I broke it open carefully, it’s warm, steamy goodness greeting me. I didn’t need butter, I wanted to taste this biscuit by itself.


Who wants some fresh biscuits?


I took a bite…and got the worst taste ever, couldn’t swallow it because it was so bitter. I made a mad dash for the butter, there wasn’t enough butter in the house to disguise that awful taste. I figured maybe it was just my tastebuds. I called in my faithful dog who eats almost anything except spinach to get a second opinion. I tossed it to her, she sniffed it, backed away, and then proceeded to roll on it like something dead she’d find in the yard. You know it’s bad when the dog won’t even try it. This attempt went down in my book as a FAILURE.
I did find one use for my batch of GFWF biscuits…the birds that come to the feeders seem to love them. Maybe I should rename this recipe Bird Biscuits and market it, think anyone would pay money for it? 😛

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