AARP and me

I have known about the existence of AARP for quite some time now, they have been sending my grandparents and parents information since before I can remember. Whenever a pamphlet would come for my mother, I would playfully tease her and remark that she’s an official senior citizen if AARP says so. She actually isn’t quite yet, but it was still fun to tell her so. I always figured when I was older AARP would bestow it’s messages and pamphlets on me as well. When I was older, as in 50 or more.
Today in the mail, I received a disturbing letter. I shall share it with you through pictures, try not to laugh too hard.

My first thought: "Oh, do they need me to renew my parents' subscription?" My second thought: "Who has a birthday coming up?"


A birthday card for me? Sweet, but mine was back in May. Belated birthday card? Curious.


Oh the horror! They think that I'm having a birthday soon AND that I turned 50!


Yes it's true, they think I'm 50 and want to make me aware of all their benefits.

Just for the record I am 27, just a tad over halfway to 50. I might not be aging the best, but I sure as heck don’t look close to 50! Usually people think I’m 24, and on rare occasions I get carded when I go out with the girls if I order a drink. Bottom line: I shouldn’t be on their hitlist yet, thank you. Next order of business, if you want me to join your group, at least get my birthday right. It’s all over the net, I’ve checked. If you can get my address right you can get my birthday…complete with the year 1983 I might add. May 7th, 1983 not that hard. You could have even sent it on November 7th and I would have played it off as a half birthday card. So no, I will not join your association now and when I’m 50 if I still remember this I won’t join then either. Get your facts right, and don’t tell people they are 50 when they are still in their 20s…it scares them a bit and makes them check for gray hairs that they don’t have.


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